Brako Padel GmbH – Der Padelplatzhersteller.

Best value for money in the European Market.

The 21st century sport has arrived in Europe!. Seize the opportunity and explore new markets. Offer this new sport to regular customers and attract new ones. It has already seduced millions of players. In Spain, Padel has become the second most practiced sport after football, with over two million regular players.

Our system is ideal for both developing fresh courts and converting obsolete ones.


German company based in Berlin.

Advantages with Aluminium Padel Courts:

Our structures are guaranteed for 15 years against corrosion and/or deterioration in the coating.

No foundation: Two portable Padel courts can be installed on a tennis court without heavy duty construction work.

The static calculation in our Padel courts complies rigorously with German law.

  Phases in Brako Padel:

    1. Technical office (studio,development and static calculation)

    2. Punching tools manufacturer

    3. Extrusion

    4. Lacquered or Anodized

    5. Mechanical Production

    6. Installation

  Types of Padel Courts – Brako Padel



    Portable court


We offer...
Padel – Deporte recreativo, muy divertido y con un alto potencial adictivo!


Here are some pictures of padel courts built by us

En colaboración con Bullpadel


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Company Datas

BRAKO Padel GmbH
Türksteinweg 10a

14167 Berlin